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To reach the Grotta del Fico, you first need to head to one of the following Marinas and Ports: S. Maria Navarrese, Arbatax, Cala Gonone, Orosei and La Caletta di Siniscola.  There you'll find different offers, for all needs and wants: you can rent a boat and drive yourselves, choose more practical ferries or let yourself get spoiled on board one of the small yachts which also provide delicious lunch.


Whatever your choice is, be prepared to spend a day in one of the most spectacular corners of Sardinia!


From the Marina of Santa Maria Navarrese


On board the boat of the Grotta del Fico, contact us for more information.

Fuorirotta Charter with lunch on board, motobarca "Livenza" and "Mariner III":
Moto Navi of Consorzio Marittimo Ogliastra:
Santa Maria boat rental : 340 4853401 - 389 3117796
Nautica S.Maria Navarrese boat rental: 0782 615522



From the Port of Arbatax


Helios Turismo with lunch on board:
Velamare boat rental:
Ogliastra Turismo Arbatax boat rental: 338 5648717
Flamar boat rental and cruise: 329 7909471 -




From Cala Gonone (Dorgali)


Pesca Turismo "il Delfino":
Escursioni in gommone lungo la costa: Paolo 338 4349114




From Marina di Orosei


Moto Nave Davide e Golia: 338 9583436
Oltremare boat rental: Mary 335 6111735 - Piero 333 3585380 -
Blue driving boat rental: 388 3710383 - 348 5161467 -




From Cala Ginepro


Alta Marea di Antonello boat rental: 329 4211768 - 338 1401209




From La Caletta di Siniscola


Moto Nave Davide e Golia: 338 9583436

Hike alternative

bootbIt's also possible to reach the Grotta del Fico walking, following an amazing trail, enjoying breathtaking panoramas, scrambling beautiful rockwalls. The guides of the Grotta del Fico will be happy to take you along this incredibly scenic trail and showing the secrets of the Grotta del Fico at the end!


To know more about this option, please take a look at the program, on Explorando Supramonte website.