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Guided tours inside Grotta del Fico last around 1 hour.

Tour guides, professional and knowledgeable, talk about geology, history of speleology, since the first shepherds’ explorations, culture of this part of Sardinia. Guides formation is life-long, supervised by AGTI, Associazione Grotte Turistiche Italiane.

The tour path is easy, most of it on steel footbridges and develops on different levels. You will visit several halls and galleries and it’s even possible to admire the sea, inside the cave.

Sceneries are very diverse inside, as diverse are rock formations and colors.

The temperature inside is around 18°. Thermal excursion between inside and outside can be felt during Summer, so a light jacket can be useful especially at the beginning of the tour.

Guided tours are in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. Audioguides are available at the entrance, to better manage a multilanguage visit: in this way we make sure that the tour is doesn’t get boring and everybody gets the right amount of information. Audioguides are provided at no additional cost.

During the tour, it’s forbidden to touch rocks and formations, to try and preserve this amazing place at best, for future generations to enjoy.

It’s possible to take pictures, without flash.

The entrance of the cave is located 10 m above sea level and it can be reached through a wooden stair, on the rock cliff.

Some stairs are also present inside the cave.



Beyond the tourist route, which is about 1 km long, it’s possible to visit the highest chambers (for speleologists only and asking availability in advance): their walls are covered with helictites.

Here are some pictures of these amazing rock formations: