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Grotta del Fico can be reached from the ports of S. Maria Navarrese, Arbatax, Cala Gonone, Orosei e La Caletta di Siniscola. There are several offers, to suit all needs and budgets: it’s possible to rent a boat, with or without driver, book mini-cruises on board bigger boats or get spoiled on comfortable yachts which also offer delicious lunch on board.

Whatever your choice is, you will spend a day in the most spectacular and wild corner of Sardinia!

How to reach Grotta del Fico from S. Maria Navarrese


  • Con la Gita in Gommone di Explorando Supramonte, per passare la giornata con le guide della Grotta!
  • Fuorirotta Charter, cruise + lunch on board
  • Motonavi del Nuovo Consorzio Marittimo Ogliastra
  • Boat rental Nolo Santa Maria 340 4853401 – 389 3117796
  • Boat rental Nolo Goloritzè 389 5524204
  • Boat rental Nautica 0782 615522
  • Boat rental Tortuga 351 877 5733
  • Boat rental Aequor 389 521 6395
Please, don't follow Google Maps directions to get to Grotta by car: after 1 hour drive on a dirt road, a series of rappels would wait for you to go down the cliff! That's only for experts with guides!

If you own a private boat or just rented it and you want to visit Grotta del Fico, you should first of all sail to the cave, here is the exact location:

Lat 40° o8′ 421″ N
Lon 9° 39′ 592″ E

There it wil be possible to anchor and a member of the staff will come by boat to transport visitors safely to the dock. This service is included in the entrance ticket.

How to reach Grotta del Fico from Arbatax



How to reach Grotta del Fico from Cala Gonone


  • Boat rental Skipper 338 4349114


How to reach Grotta del Fico from Orosei



How to reach Grotta del Fico from Cala Ginepro


  • Boat rental Alta Marea 329 4211768 – 338 1401209


How to reach Grotta del Fico from La Caletta